I’m pleased to announce, on behalf of the board of Washington Filmworks, that recently we voted to approve funding assistance for the 4th season of Z Nation, the SyFy network series that shoots in Spokane, and various parts of the State of Washington. The board voted to provide funding assistance because the series hires so many people, from all over the state in our industry on a weekly basis. The production averages 137 employees per episode. It has an almost 12 million dollar payroll for Washington residents, and has spent money in over 120 Washington cities.

We are excited to see the production doing so well in ratings, and the crew wages increasing with the start of the fourth season.

The board voted to postpone the Innovation Lab program to provide time and resources to work with the legislature to renew the Incentive program during the current session. It is essential that all efforts can be made to save this program, and grow it in the future.

Funding for the Washington State Film Incentive ends this June. Unless the program is renewed during the current session of the legislature, there will no longer be a Film Incentive or a State Film Office.

We need all of you to join us in this effort!

I wanted to write and share this information now as it underscores our important efforts in Olympia. During this critical time we need the community to stay committed to the cause and remain engaged in industry advocacy efforts.

As the Senate and House negotiate the final budget, Washington Filmworks in partnership with the Keep Film in WA campaign will be sending out information that you can use to write and call your elected officials. You can get the most up to date information about Calls to Action at the Keep Film in WA blog.

Should you have any questions, please direct them to myself or Executive Director Amy Lillard.

Don Jensen
Chair, Board of Directors
Washington Filmworks