Since 2007, Washington Filmworks has generated more than $38 million dollars in spending with Washington businesses.  These local companies provide an abundance of production and support services for the film industry.  From hotels to restaurants, camera rental shops to post houses, when a production comes to town, hundreds of neighborhood businesses become a part of the picture.

Washington Filmworks created a Business Letter of Support that urges our legislators to renew the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.  We have asked Washington businesses that have been impacted by film production to sign onto this Letter of Support.  Sadly the response to this call to action has been modest, at best.

We ask that businesses connected to film production support renewal.  If you are a business owner, or represent a Washington business that believes the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program is important, we urge you to give us your permission to list you as a supporter in our correspondence with legislators.  You may do so by sending an email, including your business name and print resolution logo, to

We would like to acknowledge those that have already signed our Business Letter of Support.  Your contributions help make a sustainable film industry part of Washington’s future.  We appreciate you writing your legislators to ask that they renew the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, and for thanking them for the first five years of Washington Filmworks.