Bill En Route to Governor Inslee for Signing

Late Friday evening and into the early hours of Saturday morning, the Senate and House passed a tax preference bill that included the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP).  We are thrilled to report that the MPCP has been extended an additional ten years until July 1, 2027.  There was also an administrative change in the program, reducing the amount of the Business and Occupation tax credit one business may claim from $1 million annually to $750,000.

The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 33 yeas to 16 nays.  The House passed the bill with a vote of 83 yeas to 10 nays (with 5 excused).

While the bill has passed both the House and Senate, it still needs to be signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee.  Once the bill signing has been scheduled, we will let you know.

Thank you to our prime sponsors, Representative Marcus Riccelli (3, D) and Senator Randi Becker (2, R) for their unrelenting support as well as our additional House and Senate sponsors.

If your legislator was a sponsor or supporter please call or write them to express your thanks.

House Sponsors

Representative Ed Orcutt (20, R)

Representative Jeff Holy (6, R)

Representative J.T. Wilcox (2, R)

Representative Brandon Vick (18, R)

Representative Mike Volz (R, 6)

Representative Vincent Buys (42, R)

Representative Joan McBride (48, D)

Representative June Robinson (38, D)

Representative Monica Jurado Stonier (49, D)

Representative Shelly Short (7, R)

Representative Bob McCaslin (4, R)

Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self (21, D)

Representative Terry Nealey (16, R)

Representative Jeff Morris (40, D)

Representative Jay Rodne (5, R)

Representative Melanie Stambaugh (25, R)

Representative GaelTarleton (36, D)

Representative Sharon Wylie (49, D)

Representative Cindy Ryu (32, D)

Representative Gerry Pollet (46, D)

Representative Larry Springer (45, D)

Representative Nicole Macri (43, D)

Representative Mike Chapman (24, D)

Senate Sponsors

Senator David Frockt (46, D)

Senator Michael Baumgartner (6, R)

Senator Joe Fain (47, R)

Senator Christine Rolfes (23, D)

Senator Ann Rivers (18, R)

Senator Andy Billig (D, 3)

Senator Hans Zeiger (25, R)

Senator Jeannie Darneille (27, D)

Senator Karen Keiser (33, D)