Congratulations to Hand Crank Films, a production company based in Bellingham and Seattle. We’re featuring them in the Latest Work section of Commercialize Seattle. This business development campaign is designed to drive production and advertising to the region and the Latest Work section of the Commercialize Seattle website showcases some of the very best commercial work coming out of Seattle and Washington State.




Agency or Production Company: Hand Crank Films
Client: Mackie

Explain yourself, Hand Crank Films: We’re a bunch of mad and talented filmmakers who believe that great stories – your stories – can change the world. Yes, there’s a time to shoot straight and draw between the lines, but when you’re looking to move beyond habit and inspire your audience, we just might be your guys. Plus, we make mean recreational beverages.



Seattle and Washington State are the best spots on the planet to make commercials and when we’re out selling the region, we point people to the Latest Work section on the Commercialize Seattle website. The campaign highlights locally made commercials and is a hub where brands and agencies look to find great talent. Local production companies and ad agencies should register and learn more.

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