REEL-CREW Directions

Registering for REEL-CREW:

You can register for Washington Filmworks REEL-CREW, an online searchable database of production crew in the state, here:

  • Select your login and password
  • Provide some basic contact information
    • Name, Company Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • Add your skills & affiliations
    • Up to 3 website links (such as your own website, Facebook page, Twitter Profile, YouTube Channel, etc). You can also add a description of your skills and affiliations (800 characters max).

Updating your profile on REEL-CREW:

If you have previously worked on a Washington Filmworks incentive film, your basic information has already been imported into the REEL-CREW database. Please log in with the name and password that was been sent to you in an email, or email to receive your username and password.