Whether you love them or loathe them, 40 states have film incentive programs and those with no incentives lose productions, resident cast, and crew to locales that better support the film community.  While Washington is home to camera-friendly landscapes and talented filmmakers, it’s sandwiched between Oregon and Canada, who offer strong incentive programs and have comparable Pacific Northwest locales.  If Washington’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program is not renewed, the financial realities of filmmaking will force productions to go elsewhere.

While some Washington legislators have reservations about supporting our state’s film industry, leaders to the south have a wildly different perspective.  Oregon’s elected officials have readily invested in programs and infrastructure that sustain film, and see the potential for tremendous job development in this sector.  In fact, Governor John Kitzhaber recently described film an example of innovation and acknowledged its place in the future of economic development in Oregon.  With support like that, it’s no wonder Oregon broke production records in 2011.

The big question at Washington Filmworks is how can we best persuade our elected officials to believe in film production like Oregon does?  In addition to our efforts to provide production and economic data, Washington legislators need to hear from the film community about our industry.  You play an essential role in the renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.

Get informed.  Get involved.  Get renewed.

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