Commercialize Seattle

Commercial Production Incentives

The following briefly outlines commercial production eligibility requirements.

  • Commercial productions must spend a minimum of $150,000 in Washington State.
  • Washington Filmworks offers funding assistance for qualified in-state expenditures of up to 15% for commercials. Commercial applicants who have not worked in Washington State previously and who are using a Washington based production company are eligible for a one-time return of 25%.
  • Funding assistance for commercial applicants may be allocated to production companies, agencies, or brands.
  • Some Below-the-Line (BTL) non-resident labor may qualify, please refer to the Guidelines and Criteria.
  • Applicants for commercial funding assistance must meet all eligibility requirements outlined above and also adhere to the Guidelines and Criteria for the program.
  • Applications must be submitted prior to the start of production.
  • Cash back in 30 days.
  • Are you looking for a local production company? Here is a list of registered productions companies and creative agencies.

    Submit to Latest Work

    If you are a registered production company or creative agency for Commercialize Seattle and you would like to submit your work to be included in the Latest Work section of the Commercialize Seattle website, please review the Criteria For Submitting Latest Work and follow the instructions.