For the past few weeks, Seattle-based production company Mechanical Dreams has been making local and national news!

The company, co-founded in part by Lacey Leavitt and Mischa Jakupcak (who have worked extensively on various Washington Filmworks incentive projects), is a virtual reality content company that specializes in everything from social justice documentaries to 360-degree immersive storytelling experiences.

Mechanical Dreams was recently featured in the Seattle Weekly, as well getting a write up in the Huffington Post from “Capitol Hill” series filmmaker Wes Hurley, and most recently, Leavitt and Jakupcak were interviewed in Filmmaker Magazine.

Why all the sudden attention? After moving into their new digs at the CoMotion incubation space last month, Mechanical Dreams is now looking to expand their presence into the burgeoning VR market centered in Seattle.

It’s been fascinating to see how much more impactful stories can be when you’re really placing the viewer in someone’s environment, in a 360 space,” says Lacey Leavitt in the Filmmaker Magazine interview.

In July, Mechanical Dreams partnered with Washington Filmworks and SIFFX to help produce the Fly Story program, where they started shooting a series of six VR films, a few of which you can see here.

Interested in supporting these cutting edge productions? Check out their Kickstarter campaign so they can finish this slate of innovative immersive VR experiences.