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The City of Chehalis 

Chehalis is a charming community where historic charm and character are preserved and cherished. Its rich history is reflected in the design and architecture of both residential and commercial areas and boasts three historic districts recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. A thriving downtown features boutiques, restaurants and a historic theater. Surrounded by farmlands and forests, it is a scenic area near state parks, lakes, rivers, and a short drive to the Pacific Ocean and Cascade Mountains. With a history as a railroad town, the Lewis County Historical Museum is located in a former 1912 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot. The city is also home to attractions including the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds, Vintage Motorcycle Museum,Veterans Memorial Museum, and an operating 1920’s steam locomotive.

City of Chehalis Weather

Photo Credit: Steve Richert

Photo Credit: Steve Richert

Chehalis enjoys a mild climate with dry, warm summers and mild winters. Spring welcomes colorful flower blossoms, while autumn showcases spectacular fall foliage. There are 136 sunny days on average each year.
Average Temperature:
January – High 46.0 F, Low 34.0 F
July – High 79.0 F, Low 52.0 F
January Rainfall – 6.8 inches
July Rainfall – 0.75 inches

Projects Filmed in Chehalis

Photo Credit: Jill Hill

Photo Credit: Jill Hill

Key Locations of Interest

Photo Credit: Southwest Washington Fairgrounds

Photo Credit: Southwest Washington Fairgrounds

  • 1912 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot (home to the Lewis County Historical Museum)
  • Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum’s 1916 Steam Locomotive
  • Chehalis River
  • Chehalis Theater (located in historic, downtown Chehalis)
  • Historic Downtown Chehalis
  • Historic Hillside Neighborhood
  • Historic Washington Hotel (small event center)
  • Historic Westside Neighborhood
  • Lewis County Community Trails (passes through agricultural and forested areas)
  • Shaw Aquatic Center and Recreation Park
  • Southwest Washington Fairgrounds
  • The Loft (small vintage-inspired event center)

Closest Large Cities Adjacent

  • Olympia is approximately 29 miles from Chehalis
  • Seattle is approximately 88 miles from Chehalis
  • Tacoma is approximately 58 miles from Chehalis
  • Vancouver, USA is approximately 78 miles from Chehalis

Distance to Closest Large Airport

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is approximately 80 mile from Chehalis

Relevant Contact Names & Information

Chehalis Timberland Library.ChehalisCommunityRenaissanceTeam

Photo Credit: Chehalis Community Renaissance Team

  • Local Film Liaison
      Jill Anderson, Chehalis City Manager, (360) 345­1042, janderson@ci.chehalis.wa.us
  • Agency that issues permits and costs
      City of Chehalis, (360) 345-1042
  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control
      Chehalis Police Department, (360) 748-8605, chehalispd@ci.chehalis.wa.us



Photo Credit: Steve Richert

Photo Credit: Steve Richert

A list of accommodations are below:

1411 Fourth Ave., Suite 420
Seattle,WA 98101
(206) 264-0667

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