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City of Prosser – April 2017

Prosser is a beautiful small town with a big country feel. It is situated in the foothills of the lower Yakima Valley with the Yakima River flowing around three sides of the town. This clean, attractive town is friendly to all and features old-fashioned light poles and cobbled sidewalks. Prosser has been dubbed the “Birthplace of Washington Wine” and is home to more than 30 wineries, while also growing grapes for wineries across the state and country. Almost 300 sunny days annually lend way to a variety of outdoor activities and those who live here will tell you that Prosser is indeed a great place to visit or call home.

City of Prosser Weather

Photo Credit: Lynn Hopwood Photography

Prosser enjoys a full four seasons, with cool winters and occasional snow warming into enjoyable spring days that burst with bud and blossom in our agricultural region. Warm dry summers with long cool evenings are the peak of our almost 300 days of sunshine each year, and perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. This fades gradually into our long fall harvest season with colorful fields of grapes and orchards.

Average Temperature:
January – High 38.0 F, Low 24.0 F
July – High 89.0 F, Low 55.0 F

January Rainfall – 1.09 inches
July Rainfall – 0.19 inches

 Key Locations of Interest

Photo Credit: Amy Milne

Historic Buildings

  • Beck Building, 1903
  • Benton County Courthouse, 1926
  • Finn Building, 1910
  • Historic Train Depot, 1900
  • M & E Seed & Grain
  • Mercer Building, 1906
  • Methodist Church
  • Princess Theatre, 1919
  • Prosser High School, 1930’s
  • Stewart Home


  • 6th Street and Meade Avenue
  • 7th Street
  • Grant Street
  • Market Street
  • Prosser Avenue
  • Sheridan Avenue / Byron Road
  • Spokane Avenue

Unique Locations

  • Lincoln Grade
  • New Prosser Cemetery
  • Old Prosser Bridge
  • Old Prosser Cemetery


  • Horse Heaven Hills to the Columbia River (wheat fields and other crops)
  • Prosser viewpoint at the top of Patterson grade
  • River and hills as seen along the banks of the Yakima River
  • Views west of Mount Adams and Mount Rainier

Closest Large Cities Adjacent

Photo Credit: Lynn Hopwood Photography

  • Spokane is approximately 169 miles from Prosser
  • Tri-Cities is approximately 30 miles from Prosser
  • Yakima is approximately 49 miles from Prosser

Distance to Closest Large Airport

  • Spokane International Airport is approximately 167 miles from Prosser
  • Tri-Cities Airport is approximately 35 miles from Prosser

Relevant Contact Names & Information

Photo Credit: Lynn Hopwood Photography

Local Film Liaison

Larelle Michener, Executive Director, Prosser Chamber of Commerce, (509) 786-3177, larelle@prosserchamber.org

Agency that issues permits and costs

City of Prosser, (509) 786-2332

Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control

City of Prosser Police Department, (509) 786-1500


Photo Credit: Lynn Hopwood Photography

A list of accommodations can be found here.

1411 Fourth Ave., Suite 420
Seattle,WA 98101
(206) 264-0667

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