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The City of Ridgefield

Located 10 miles north of Vancouver, Washington and 20 miles north of Portland, Oregon, Ridgefield has easy access to metropolitan amenities yet enough distance to maintain a small-town atmosphere. The adjacent Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Lake River along the city’s western boundary, numerous creeks throughout the city, and pastoral, rolling hills create a distinct natural character. The downtown area is the heart of Ridgefield with a very distinct, recognizable character with multiple structures built prior to 1930; a pedestrian-oriented, walkable environment on tree lined streets; and sweeping views of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Growth in the past 20 years has radiated outwards from downtown. Ridgefield is the fastest growing city per capita in the state of Washington, with a 2015 population of 6,400. The growth is expected to continue at a rapid pace with multiple new residents and large planned projects including a new Clark Community College campus, an outdoor recreation facility and a new regional library.

City of Ridgefield Weather



January – High 44 F Low 33 F
July – High 78 F Low 55 F


January Rainfall – 5.00 inches
July Rainfall – 0.7 inches

Sources: Western Regional Climate Center

Key Locations of Interest

Overlook Park art panels

  • Historic downtown area
  • Ridgefield jail
  • Ridgefield City Hall (built 1920 as Ridgefield State Bank, the building maintains its original character, including the bank vault and display of historical artifacts including a 1926 time-capsule discovered at the adjacent property in 2012).
  • Belltower Cathedral (built in 1884 as the Ridgefield Presbyterian Church).
  • Old Liberty Theater (built in 1946 and still operating as a coffee house and theater).
  • Multiple Historic Homes: Shobert House (built 1905), Oldham House (built 1892), Custard House (built early 1890’s), HC Cornell House (built 1882), American Women’s League Chapter House (built 1910), Lancaster House (built 1850’s).
  • Church of the Nazarene (built in 1922 for $5,000 and operated as a church until 1968. Now used as an art gallery and leased space).

Closest Large Cities Adjacent

  • Vancouver, Washington is approximately 10 miles from Ridgefield.
  • Olympia, Washington is approximately 95 miles from Ridgefield.
  • Portland, Oregon is approximately 20 miles from Ridgefield.

Closest Large Washington Airport

Ridgefield is located 23.8 miles from the Portland, Oregon airport and 146 miles from the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington airport.

Relevant Contact Names & Information


  • Local Film Liaison

Lee Knottnerus, Deputy City Manager, (360) 857-5001,  lee.knottnerus@ci.ridgefield.wa.us

  • Agency that issues permits and costs

City of Ridgefield, (360) 887-3557

  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control

Ridgefield Police Department, (360) 887-3556


The closest accommodations are not within the city limits, but nearby accommodations include:

1411 Fourth Ave., Suite 420
Seattle,WA 98101
(206) 264-0667

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