Historic Walla Walla is a thriving, friendly community, located in the heart of southeastern Washington’s beautiful wine country. The community of over 31,700 is the home of three colleges and has an interesting mix of culture, rich history and agriculture.



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The Walla Walla Valley is the perfect place to experience all four seasons. Warm sunny summers, crisp yet moderate winters and spectacular springs and falls will fill your senses with color. Average annual precipitation is 10.7″ with about 17.8″ of snow during the winter months.


Average Temperature:

January – High 39.5 F, Low 27.8 F

July – High 89.2 F, Low 60.4 F


January Rainfall – 2.29 inches

July Rainfall – 0.58 inches



US National Climatic Data Center & Western Regional Climate Center





Photo Credit: Kimberly Miner  

      • An entire pioneer village of 17 original and replica buildings, including a one-room school house and 1800s era railroad depot.
      • Five large exhibit buildings on the site displaying heirlooms, tools and household items used by pioneers and settlers.
      • A life-size, 33-mule team and wheat combine depicting early harvests in the Walla Walla Valley.


Historic Downtown

Visit downtown Walla Walla and get a glimpse into its past. The turn-of-the-century architecture has been beautifully restored, turning Walla Walla’s streetscape into a one-of-kind location that whispers of days gone by. Several small farm towns surround Walla Walla with 1920s and 1930s main streets and buildings.


Umatilla National Forest

Walla Walla is the gateway to the Umatilla National Forest. The 1.4 million acre forest is located in the Blue Mountains of Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon. Elevations range from 1,600 feet to 8,000 feet above sea level.


Fort Walla Walla Museum

Located on what was an 1857 military reservation, the museum showcases among other things:


Other Museums and Historical Sites

The oldest standing Christian church in the state is located in nearby Dixie. Check out the old bank and Post Office building in Touchet,which was built in 1906 using stones quarried from the Walla Walla River. Take Highway 125 past the Washington State Penitentiary towards Prescott and you’ll be following the old Mullan Road, which was the thoroughfare that helped Walla Walla County grow. The oldest working courthouse and high school in Washington State is located in Dayton, 30 miles away. The Whitman Mission massacre site is adjacent to Walla Walla where missionaries were killed by Cayuse Indians in 1847. 


Vineyards and Wheatlands

The Valley has magnificent wine production facilities and vineyards. Walla Walla is part of the “Palouse” Country with rolling fields and historic homesteads. 


College Town

Founded in 1882, Whitman College is the premier liberal arts college with a beautiful, facility-rich campus that is distinctively different from other college campuses across the nation. Walla Walla Community College was founded in 1967 and houses an array of more modern buildings, including culinary and viticulture facilities. Walla Walla University was founded in 1892 and offers a diverse mix of classic college locations.



  •  – Walla Walla Regional Airport – Walla Walla,WA (non-stop service to Seattle)
  •  – Tri-Cities Airport – Pasco,WA (50 miles)
  •  – Spokane International Airport – Spokane,WA (181 miles north)
  •  – PDX Airport – Portland, OR (248 miles southeast)
  •  – Sea-Tac Airport – Seattle, WA (273 miles northwest)



  •  – Seattle, WA (273 miles northwest)
  •  – Boise, ID (254 miles southeast)
  •  – Portland, OR (248 miles west)
  •  – Spokane, WA (181 miles north)
  •  – Yakima, WA (130 miles northwest)
  •  – Lewiston, ID (98 miles east)
  •  – Tri-Cities, WA (50 miles northwest)
  •  – Pendleton, OR (41 miles southwest)



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  • Local Film Liaison – Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce, David Woolson (509) 525-0850
  • Agency that issues permits and costs – City of Walla Walla (509) 527-4522 or Walla Walla County (509) 524-2505
  • Police, Sheriff’s Department, or agency that handles traffic control – Walla Walla Police Department (509) 527-4434 or Walla Walla Sheriff’s Department (509) 524-5400



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Photo Credit: Kimberly Miner

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