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August 2012

August 7, 2012 WF Newsletter
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____________________________________________________ SUBMISSION EXTENSION FOR THE FILMWORKS INNOVATION LAB The deadline for submitting preliminary forms to the Filmworks Innovation…

The Governor’s Race and the Future of Film in WA

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Today Washington’s Attorney General, Rob McKenna, spoke with Steve Scher from KUOW about his ongoing campaign to be our state’s next Governor. Although the Attorney General has not made his position about the production incentive program public, his on air comments this morning may be of interest to the statewide film industry.

Film and the Internet – Equal Access for All?

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The Internet can be a powerful tool for filmmakers, but do all projects have the same potential for success?

New Standard Program Guidelines & Criteria Available

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We have revised the Guidelines and Criteria for our standard program. You can find an overview of the changes online.

Breaking Into the Biz – Tips for Emerging Actors (Part 2)

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So how does an actor set herself or himself apart from the pack, secure work, and build a career when the field is supersaturated? One could argue that an essential component is lifelong education. Classes on technique and craft can grow an actor’s skills, but educating oneself on the business side is also vital.

State Film Program Launches the Filmworks Innovation Lab

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Washington Filmworks is pleased to announce the launch of the Filmworks Innovation Lab. The program is designed to invest in Washington’s local creative community and to encourage the development of original storytelling that capitalizes on new forms of production and technology.

Breaking Into the Biz – Tips for Emerging Actors (Part 1)

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Washington Filmworks is frequently asked how local actors find work, and accordingly, how an actor can build a career from the opportunities available in our state. We’ve solicited some advice from our region’s busiest actors and assembled some introductory suggestions and resources…

July 2012

July 7, 2012 WF Newsletter
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____________________________________________________ WF ANNOUNCES Washington Filmworks has approved funding assistance for three new projects, bringing the total number approved…

Guerrillas with Guns Gone Wild

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Last week Washington Filmworks had an interesting series of calls from concerned individuals in the southeast corner of the state, between Clarkston, WA and Lewiston, ID. Word was that a film crew was in the Lewis-Clark Valley and people had become uneasy when they spotted a U.S. Border Patrol boat pursuing two other vessels that appeared to be Vietnam-era patrol boats, complete with large caliber guns mounted on the front.

Washington Incentive Filmmakers on SIFF TV

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In June, Washington Filmworks had a lot to take in at the Seattle International Film Festival. With six incentive features and more than fifty films that were made in Washington, the immense talent of the Evergreen State’s film industry couldn’t have shone brighter.

Exciting Changes at Washington Filmworks

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In recent weeks, Washington Filmworks has been travelling the state to discuss our film community’s legislative success.  We’ve…

June 2012

June 7, 2012 WF Newsletter
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____________________________________________________ WF ANNOUNCES Washington Filmworks has approved funding assistance for a national commercial from LA based production company…

May 2012

May 7, 2012 WF Newsletter
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____________________________________________________ WF APPROVES FOUR NEW PROJECTS    Washington Filmworks is thrilled to announce we have approved four projects…

So Much To Celebrate at SIFF

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The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is one of North America’s preeminent film events, and is the most…

Fore! for Film

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If you were in Downtown Seattle during lunchtime you might have found yourself in the middle of a golf driving range. Rest assured, you weren’t imagining things.

We’re Open For Business

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Washington Filmworks would like to announce we are officially accepting applications for projects. If you have a project that qualifies for funding assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

April 2012

April 7, 2012 WF Newsletter
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____________________________________________________ WASHINGTON FILMWORKS 2.0   We did it! Now what?!?! Not only is this a great question, it’s…

Great Things Are In Store

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Last night (March 29, 2012) Governor Gregoire signed E2SSB 5539, the bill that renews the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. This action reinstates the program that ended last year and establishes a new sunset date in June of 2017.

Exciting Breaking News – Gov. to Sign E2SSB 5539

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This evening Governor Gregoire will sign E2SSB 5539, the bill that renews the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, into…

URGENT – Please Write Gov. Gregoire

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Our legislative team has reiterated how vital it is that supporters of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program continue to file “letters of opinion” in support of 2ESSB 5539. If you have already written, please write again and help spread the word. Do not delay.

Washington Makes Great Films

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Take a moment to appreciate the magnitude of this achievement. With a modest incentive, Washington has fostered 1/3 of the films from this list. Not only are these movies charming critics, but they are hits with festival audiences and juries. For example, ‘Eden’ recently took home the SXSW Audience Award and director Megan Griffiths shared the Emergent Narrative Woman Director Award.

Help Our Bill Become Law

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Our leglislative team in Olympia has indicated that it is important for film industry professionals to contact Governor Gregoire’s office to file what are referred to as “letters of opinion” in support of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (2ESSB 5539). The more letters her office receives, the more likely a bill signing ceremony will be scheduled quickly.

Thank You for Your Support

March 9, 2012 Blog, Call To Action
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Congratulations. The film community’s vigilance and support were integral to the successful renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness…

Recap From This Morning’s Testimony

March 8, 2012 Blog, Call To Action
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This morning Washington Filmworks Board members Becky Bogard and Greg Smith, Executive Director Amy Lillard, and Rebecca Johnson…

March 2012

March 7, 2012 WF Newsletter
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____________________________________________________ URGENT CALL TO ACTION, 3/27 Our legislative team has reiterated it is vital that supporters of the…

Please Continue to Contact Your Representatives

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We humbly ask, once again, that you continue to contact your Representatives and Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp. Ask Speaker Chopp to ensure that SB 5539 is brought to the floor for a vote and ask your Representatives for their support.

WSLC Supports SB 5539

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At the 2011 WSLC Convention, delegates representing unions across Washington voted unanimosuly to support the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.