Animal Handling Requirements

Animal Handling

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is the state’s principle steward of fish and wildlife resources. State law directs WDFW to conserve native fish and wildlife, protect and enhance the environment, and provide recreational and commercial fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, and other sustainable opportunities for Washington residents and visitors.

The department regulates the importation and possession of some wild animals, wild birds and game fish species, and deleterious exotic wildlife. A person must obtain a Department of Health certificate, required by the Department of Agriculture, before bringing animals into the state under WAC 16-54-180. For information on possessing or importing specific animals, please contact Joanna Eide at WDFW ( or 360-902-2403).

Washington State Department of Agriculture

The State Veterinarian’s Office, part of the Washington State Department of Agriculture, enforces regulations covering animals entering the state. All animals entering Washington State must meet entry requirements that can vary among species. Please visit the State Veterinarians office for specific requirements or call 360-902-1878 for information.

American Humane Association

American Humane Association works in association with the American film and TV industry to ensure the well-being of animal actors and promote the human-animal bond.