Department of Ecology

Department of Ecology

The Department of Ecology is responsible for protecting, preserving, and enhancing Washington’s environment. Permits ensure that individuals understand and comply with all applicable federal and state environmental standards to protect our air, land, and water.

Department of Ecology
300 Desmond Drive SE
Lacey, WA 98503
(360) 407-6000

For a summary of permits including information on activities requiring a permit, fees, applications, where to submit application, how long permit decisions will take, applicable rules, agency contacts and guidelines visit

If you are unsure about the type of environmental permit you will need, you can contact Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA). The ORA can help you find the information you need to navigate environmental permits. They have an online Project Questionnaire that can help you determine which permit or approvals your project might need. Experienced staff is on hand to:

Guide you through the environmental permitting process.
Save you time by clarifying requirements up front.
Provide one-on-one consultation and research project-specific requirements.

Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA)
Phone: (800) 917-0043 or (360) 725-0628