State Patrol Academy

State Patrol Academy

Emergency Vehicle Operating Track
Shelton, WA

Sgt. Freddy Williams
(360) 432-7503

The drive course is available for rent to commercial film companies. One officer is required to be in attendance during any rental period. That officer’s salary is reimbursed at time and a half based on the actual numbers of hours in attendance. Hours for pre-filming site visits/scouting are M-F, 8 am to 5 pm. Hours for actual filming can be negotiated.
The driver-training course is 2.7 miles in length. The course is divided into four distinct training areas: a 1.1 mile emergency course, 1.6 mile pursuit course, vehicle placement course, and skid pad. The entire drive course is fenced and free from public interference. The course is bordered by forest – mostly evergreens and various types of foliage.
Emergency Course

1.1 miles in length. This portion of the course is utilized to train basic lane changes, curve negotiation, decision-making exercises, controlled braking, and off-road recovery.

It contains a four-lane straight, four-lane 60 MPH curve, two-lane 35 MPH curve, two-lane 55 MPH S-curve, double left turn lane, and freeway ramps. The off-road recovery area is a 4-inch curb and is 400 feet in length.

Pursuit Course

1.6 miles in length. The upper pursuit course has a four-lane section and various types of curves and changes in elevation. The curves are increasing and decreasing radius curves and have reverse super-elevations. This course is designed to challenge both beginning and experienced drivers.

Vehicle Placement Course

The vehicle placement course is utilized to allow officers to operate a vehicle in close proximity to fixed objects. It is 950 feet by 100 feet and is divided into three blocks. It also contains a 150-foot by 150-foot pad. A motorcycle recovery area is also located in the vehicle placement area and is 150 feet by 50 feet.

Skid Pad

The skid pad is 400 feet by 80 feet. It is an asphalt surface coated with a cold tar mixture, then covered with a layer of water. There is 200-foot recovery area at the end of the pad and a 1000-foot approach to the pad. The entire training area is 800 feet by 175 feet.