A West Coast native, Melissa Purcell is a production designer and prop master working in the commercial advertising, television and feature film industry. She began her career in Seattle in the late 1980’s when the Seattle film industry was booming. Over the last thirty years she has worked exclusively on the creative end of the industry. She has gathered credits and experience, as well as miles traveled, moving easily between feature and commercial work. These days you’ll find her mostly working on commercials and web spots either as a production designer or prop master, whichever position fits the spot. In the mid 1990’s she served on the Executive Board of Women In Film/Seattle. In 2006, she was asked to help bring Labor on board in the forming of a new state tax incentives program. Working alongside Amy Lillard, the program was passed through state legislation and was signed by then Governor Christine Gregoire, which became Washington Filmworks. Melissa continues to lobby for her industry at the state level, and has been a strong member of IATSE Local 488 from its inception, serving two terms on the Executive Board.