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Washington Filmworks is looking to invest in the future of film by financially supporting emerging local filmmakers. Looking for your first investor for your motion picture project? Washington Filmworks can jump in with an early stage funding commitment. If you’re fully funded and ready to go, we’ve got money in the bank for you.


In direct response to community feedback, this year Washington Filmworks launched the FWD Funding Initiative, a program designed to invest in film industry workforce development efforts serving historically underrepresented communities through the disbursement of funds to WA-based businesses.

Funds will be awarded in three rounds throughout 2024. The Submission Round for FWD Funding Initiative Round 2 has closed. The next Submission Round is planned for October 2024.


Fully funded projects meeting program requirements may apply at any time throughout the year.

We’re in the process of updating our 2024 Application.
Check out last year’s questions to get an idea of what the process looks like!

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If you qualify for one of our funding programs, find out if you’re eligible for an enhanced incentive.

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