48HFPIn July Washington Filmworks profiled the 48 Hour Film Project: Seattle (48HFP) on the eve of their largest competition to date.  As producer of the event, Krk Nordenstrom provided a glimpse into the history of 48HFP: Seattle and offered insight as to why the event has become the largest filmmaking competition in Washington State.

Congratulations to all the competing teams! The winners of the 2013 48 Hour Film Project: Seattle are available below. Where available, we’ve linked to the winning film. Plus be sure to head over to the 48HFP website to learn more about the 48 Hour Horror Film Project, which is coming to Seattle the weekend of November 8 – 10, 2013.

Best Use of Character – Crushed by The FAMMM

Best Use of Prop – Mac & Jack by DABtek Entertainment

Best Use of Line – The Emerald City by Nedyken

Best Use of Genre – Sister’s Revenge by Troubadours

Henry Rollins Hardcore Award – Mac & Jack by DABtek Entertainment

Best Costumes – Ship Shifters by Faith vs. Fate Productions

Best Special Effects – Sister’s Revenge by Troubadours

Best Graphics – Superheroes Anonymous by Team Awesome

Best Sound Design – The Devil’s Barista by Adventure Star Pictures

Best Musical Score – Training Orders by Team America

Best Cinematography – Criminals by Challenge Accepted

Best Editing – What You Wish For by Alcachofa

Best Acting – The Excuse by Sweet Pants

Best Writing – Option B by Red Shed Productions

Best Directing – Criminals by Challenge Accepted

Second Runner Up for Best Film – Crushed by The FAMMM

Runner Up for Best Film – What You Wish For by Alcachofa

Best Film – Criminals by Challenge Accepted