Across Washington film professionals, vendors and film support businesses are gearing up for Z Nation. This 13 episode television series for Syfy, the first to receive funding assistance from Washington Filmworks, will soon begin production for the summer. Z Nation represents good paying jobs and consistent work for hundreds of Washington workers. The series will shoot mid-May through August and will provide over 12,000 worker days to Washington cast and crew.

To give a glimpse into the tremendous amount of activity that the series is already generating statewide, we wanted to share this blog post from Big Fish NW Talent, a Washington agency representing talent across the state, with offices in both Spokane and Seattle.


bigfishloggo2 What we’ve been up to here at ‘The Fish’

The Z Nation project, shooting in Spokane, WA, moved into the casting phase on March 6, 2014. Since then, as you might expect, Big Fish NW Talent has been a touch busy!

We have submitted more than 240 talent for the 21 principal characters that will be needed to fill out the first 2 episodes; including: series regulars, guest stars, co-stars and other miscellaneous day-playing characters. (Z Nation casting results are still pending at the time of this writing.)

Spawned by nothing more than a few mentions in the media, we’ve answered more than 1,800 email inquiries from hopeful and excited would-be zombie extras. Who, in turn, caused the edit of more than 1,700 pictures as we processed more than 870 new Extra-Fish’s portfolios into the…

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