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Congratulations to Jones Advertising, an agency based in Seattle. They are now featured in the Latest Work section of Commercialize Seattle. This business development campaign is designed to drive production and advertising to the region and the Latest Work section of the Commercialize Seattle website showcases some of the very best commercial work coming out of Seattle and Washington State.

Jones Advertising

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Agency or Production Company: Jones Advertising
CommercialSkulCrate Promo

Explain yourself, Jones Advertising: Mark Jones has been a leader in the Seattle ad industry for over 20 years. As a young art director at Publicis in Seattle, Mark became the youngest and most decorated creative director in the agency’s history. After more than a decade and an impressive resume of leading brand experience under his belt, Mark started Jones Advertising to continue his commitment to smart, results-oriented branding, promotion and design. It is here that Mark and his team developed the proven process of Brand Action™ to create powerful, lasting brands. This procedure works systematically to build stronger brand identity, smarter strategic alignment, and better consumer response.

Why Should You Submit New Work?

When we’re out selling the region as one of the best places in the world to make commercials, we point people to the Latest Work section on the Commercialize Seattle website to show them what we can do here! The campaign highlights locally made commercials and is a hub where brands and agencies look to find great talent. Local production companies and ad agencies should register and learn more.

We frequently showcase new work, so get registered and submit. Then we can show you off to the world. Remember, advertising is the best thing any of us can do!