Congratulations to Copacino + Fujikado, a Seattle based advertising agency, and Inflatable Film, a Seattle based production company. Both are featured in the Latest Work section of Commercialize Seattle. This business development campaign is designed to drive production and advertising to the region and the Latest Work section of the Commercialize Seattle website showcases some of the best commercial work coming out of Seattle and Washington State.


Agency or Production Company: Copacino + Fujikado
Client: Seattle Mariners



Explain yourself, Copacino + Fujikado: We have a reputation for award-winning creative work. But it has also produced measurable business results for our clients over our 16-year history.

Today brands must engage audiences on many levels – paid media, social media, experiences and more. At C+F we have a track record of creating fully integrated campaigns throughout media – and beyond media. We’re proud of our 65 consecutive profitable quarters, dating back to when we opened our doors in 1998. This enables us to give back – to our employees and our community.


Agency or Production Company: Inflatable Film
Client: Starbucks
Commercial: Up Early with Pike Place Market Roast Company

Explain yourself, Inflatable Film: Inflatable Film is a unique production company that specializes in telling stories in far-away places, as well as in our own city.

Clients come to us because we have a reputation for producing content in very remote and “logistically challenging” situations around the world. We have the ability to scale up or down depending on the project, which allows for low-overhead and high creativity.


Seattle and Washington State are the best spots on the planet to make commercials and when we’re out selling the region, we point people to the Latest Work section on the Commercialize Seattle website. The campaign highlights locally made commercials and is a hub where brands and agencies look to find great talent. Local production companies and agencies should register and learn more. We showcase new commercials monthly, so get registered and submit your commercials. Then we can show off your work, because we think you’re great. Besides, without commercials, how would we know what to think?