STIFF_passSpring film festival season is in full swing. The Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF) begins its 9th year tonight, May 3. STIFF is dedicated to the exhibition of independent, underground, and experimental films. The festival was founded eight years ago by a group of filmmakers who saw a need for a film festival for independent films, made without lavish budgets and all-star casts.

STIFF founders set out to create a film festival free of long lines, high ticket prices, and exclusive parties. In that tradition, STIFF brings together films that rely on creativity and passion. This year’s film festival lasts 9 nine days, May 3-11, and will showcase shorts, narrative features, Cartoons & Bloody Marys, and STIFF’s more risqué program, “Indepenetration,” showcasing more provocative films.

Who Wants A Pass

WF Communications Associate, Jake Ooley, makes staff beg for their STIFF Festival Pass.

STIFF 2012 attracted nearly 2,500 attendants and the festival is anticipating close to 3,000 moviegoers for 2013.  This years’ fest will showcase 30 feature films, 8 of which were filmed in Washington State. 88 short films have been programmed as well, with 20 of those filmed locally.

For more information, the schedule and tickets visit STIFF’s website. Congratulations to STIFF on their 9th fest and their continuing dedication to independent film!