Film work happens in every corner of Washington State, and that is no accident. Through a vast network of film liaison partnerships across the state (see map above), we’re able to make filming in a wide rage of locations both easy and desirable. Thanks to this collaborative effort, money from film productions has been spent in every single legislative district across Washington. This illustrates that film benefits every district of our state, not just the production centers of Seattle and Spokane.

Since launching the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP) in 2007, over 14,500 jobs have been created for Washingtonians and approved film projects have brought in an estimated $109 million of direct in-state spending. 95 percent of that $109 million benefitted non-film industry businesses – so production work benefits all economic sectors.

In addition to drawing productions to Washington through the MPCP’s tax credit, each year Washington Filmworks provides resources and services to hundreds of productions through the Washington State film office division. While these projects don’t qualify for the MPCP, they still have a valuable economic impact in communities across our state.


Write your two Representatives and share photos or stories of filming in cities, towns, or locations across Washington State. Include details about how filming impacted the local economy. Where did your department spend money? What hotel did you stay at when you were on location? Where did the cast and crew congregate after a long and successful day of filming? In writing, ask that your two Representatives support HB 2542 and encourage them to share their support with House leadership.

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