Seattle Mayor Responds to the Film Community


On Thursday, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray responded publicly to an impressive grassroots effort from the Seattle film community demanding to know more about the transition at the Seattle Office of Film + Music, as well as the administration’s vision for the future of filmmaking in the Emerald City. In his response, Mayor Murray commits to supporting the film and music industries moving forward and suggests that he is working with his staff to organize a community meeting in the coming months.

This week Executive Director Amy Lillard, along with Washington Filmworks (WF) Board Members Don Jensen and Donna James, met with Deputy Mayor Heyok Kim, and Kate Becker, the newly appointed Director of the Seattle Office of Film + Music. Following this meeting, WF has great confidence in the City’s commitment to continue to build on the great work already underway at the Seattle Office of Film + Music.

WF is aware that this transition is of concern to our local community. And we want to hear from you about your concerns. WF will be in attendance at a Seattle Film Industry Caucus next Tuesday, to listen to, and help further this essential conversation. This event is an important opportunity for discourse and continued forward momentum for our industry. We encourage you to attend.

Seattle Film Industry Caucus – Tuesday, February 18, 7:30pm

Saint John’s Bar & Eatery, 719 E. Pike Street, Seattle, Washington 98122