Applicants participating in the Innovation Cycle of the Filmworks Innovation Lab are nearing their next hurdle in the process. Detailed Information Packages are due to WF via email by 11:59 PM Thursday April 4, 2013. Please email to

This blog post may grow over the coming week as more Frequently Asked questions are asked and addressed. Check back throughout the week or call (206) 264-0667.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Funding Assistance offered through the Filmworks Innovation Lab the same as a grant? No. In many cases, funding from a grant will come up front. The project uses their funding and then reports back to the funder how their grant was allocated. Washington Filmworks offers a return on qualified in-state spending on motion picture production in Washington State. Washington Filmworks and a project sign a Production Agreement, which sets forth the budget of the project and the percentage of that budget available for a return. Production raises those funds and submits Proof of Financing to Washington Filmworks. The project is then cleared to begin principal photography. Production makes the project as described in their application and submits a Completion Package back to Washington Filmworks. We then review the eligible in-state spending and cut a check back to production for the percentage of eligible spending, as set forth in the Production Agreement. We are happy to explain this funding assistance structure to your investors if necessary.

What is available? The WF Board of Directors has allocated $175,000 for the Innovation Cycle of the Filmworks Innovation Lab. The Jury will make funding assistance decisions based on the needs and merits of the projects. The Board approves the Jury’s decisions. Not all funding assistance may be committed. In the previous cycle of the Lab, the Jury and Board allocated $175,000 across five unique projects.

Who should the Letters of Recommendation be about? Applicants define the Key Creatives for their project. Applicants should include letters of recommendation about the Key Creative(s) driving their project. If two individuals share that role, consider including one Letter of Recommendation about one individual, and the second Letter of Recommendation about another Key Creative. Please save in the same PDF.

Can I include supplemental materials? Only requested materials will be shared with the Jury at this time. Washington Filmworks will ask for Application Updates in a few weeks from all applicants, at which point you can share supplemental information and updates on the progress of your project.

What  materials are you accepting in the Detailed Project Information Package? Please refer to Innovation Cycle Full Guidelines and Criteria Section 6, Step 2, page 7 & 8.

I’m working with the Innovation Lab Budget Template. Where do things like craft services and food costs go? Applicant projects vary widely; it’s almost like comparing apples to oranges. The Innovation Lab Budget Template serves like a universal budget top sheet and allows the Jury to compare projects, and look at project budgets at a glance. You may not have costs in every category, but use this template to break down your budget. Craft services could live in a category like “Facilities” or “Locations.” Please call staff with specific questions.