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Forks – February 2015

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Forks is a friendly little city surrounded by rain forests and valleys, and is within minutes of the rugged Pacific Coast. Over 200 miles of wild rivers crisscross the region and Lake Crescent, an engulfing glacier-carved lake, is nearby. Around town, you’ll find several restaurants, shops, adventure outfitters, and lodgings.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where folks still chat in grocery lines and stop for pedestrians. People in Forks have an affability, friendly “make it happen” attitude, and are always willing to help.

Forks Weather

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land's End Images

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land’s End Images

November through June is traditionally the rainy season. However, Forks can still experience stretches of sunny or partly cloudy days in those months. From mid-July to the end of September, it is very sunny, fairly warm, and can go several weeks without precipitation. October begins the typically unpredictable Washington weather.

Average Temperature:

January – High 45.2 F, Low 33.8 F

July – High 71.6 F, Low 49.5 F


January Rainfall – 17.49 inches

July Rainfall – 2.53 inches

Source: Western Regional Climate Center

Projects Filmed in Forks

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land's End Images

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land’s End Images

The Forks Chamber of Commerce works extensively with the producers of Top Gear and The Legend of Mick Dodge. Here is a list of additional projects filmed in the area.

Feature Films: 

  • Dead Man


  • Ax Men
  • Dual Survival 
  • My Five Wives
  • The Legend of Mick Dodge
  • Top Gear


  • FedEx
  • Fjallraven
  • Green Mountain Coffee

Still Shoot: 

  • New York Times Magazine
  • OPI
  • Wrangler

Key Locations of Interest

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land's End Images

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land’s End Images

Forks has a very traditional main street lined with businesses like hardware stores, pharmacies, candy shops, and the brand new Rainforest Arts Center (the new centerpiece of town). Churches, and a historical home, also line the street. You can also find vacant buildings that could easily be turned into something specific for a film opportunity.

There are two airports nearby: Forks Municipal Airport in town, and the Quillayute Airport approximately 8 miles out of town. The Quillayute Airport has several large runways (active and inactive) with a huge, unoccupied hangar and office building. The Olympic National Park and Forest are nearby, with a Olympic National Forest office located in Forks. You will find breathtaking panoramic views of Mt. Olympus, and the Pacific Ocean, and forests.

Distance to Closest Large Washington Airport

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is approximately 162 miles from Forks.

Distance to Closest Large Cities in Washington

  • Olympia is approximately 157 miles from Forks.
  • Seattle is approximately 138 miles from Forks.

 Relevant Contact Name and Information

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land's End Images

Photo credit: David Youngberg, Land’s End Images

  • Local Film Liaison: Lissy Andros, Executive Director, Forks Chamber of Commerce, (360) 374-2531, director@forkswa.com.
  • Agency that issues permits and costs: Rod Fleck, City Attorney/Planner, City of Forks, (360) 374-5412 x 2.
  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control: Rick Bart, Forks Police Administrator, Forks Police Department, (425) 231-6542.


Photo credit: Forks Chamber of Commerce

Photo credit: Forks Chamber of Commerce

A full list of current accommodations can be found at http://forkswa.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Lodging%20Guide.pdf.


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