How One Catering Company Grew With The Film Incentive

Imagine If WA’s Incentive Program Was 3x Bigger…


We’ve seen the transformative effect film has had on Spokane businesses in videos from The Spokane Film Project that document the experiences of places like Stella’s Cafe or Diversify Truck and Equipment Repair.

Now imagine how businesses would be impacted if Washington had an incentive fund that was three times its current size. Watch the above video to see how Javier Baltazar, owner of Mundo Catering, experienced business growth as a result of the state film incentive growing. What comes at the end may surprise you.

Thanks to Steve Utaski (Writer/Director, Editor, Additional Camera) and John Jeffcoat (Concept, Camera) for putting this video together!



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  • In 2015, Washington lost $65 million in economic activity due to current cap restrictions.
  • The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program ensures that Washington State remains competitive in the economy by retaining local talent, generating tax revenue, and promoting tourism and investments in local infrastructure.

Ask your legislators to support the legislation to extend the sunset date and increase the funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program during this legislative session.

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