Use This Infographic To #KeepFilminWA 

Keep Film In WA Facts

When making your case to legislators about why we need to not only maintain, but to grow the production incentive program in Washington State, facts, figures, and examples go a long way.

Take a case study examining one of the 115 projects that have received funding assistance through the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP) since its inception in 2007. The infographic below illustrates the impact this one production had for Washington residents and businesses – not just in one location, but in cities and towns up and down the west side of the state.

Here’s where you come in…


Share this infographic with your elected officials and ask them to support House Bill 2542 (HB 2542). Explain how this one production created jobs for Washington residents, poured money into local businesses throughout multiple industry sectors, and stimulated business activity throughout the state.

If this is what just one of the incentive productions can do, imagine the impact that the MPCP could have if the incentive fund were to increase, allowing us to draw more productions to Washington State.

Use this case study as a jumping off point to talk about your story: talk about where you spend money when working on a production, and explain how incentivizing productions to film in WA would positively impact your career, your community, and our economy.

Help convince your legislators to #KeepFilminWA.

Don’t know who your elected officials are? Go here.

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