How Productions Benefit The Local Economy

The Figures May Surprise You

Few people can speak to the financial impact productions have on the local economy as precisely as accountants can. Meet Rebecca Cook, Assistant Accountant for the Syfy series Z Nation. Cook has seen first-hand how film production has a major impact in many ways you might not immediately realize. Watch the video above to hear how Z Nation affected local business in some surprising ways during season two alone.

Cook also spoke to us about the importance of film from her own personal experience. Before the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP), which offers tax incentives for filming in Washington, Cook was bouncing around between contracted theater jobs trying to make ends meet. Once the incentive started bringing film work to Spokane, she was able to work steadily and was financially secure enough to buy a house.

“This film incentive really does pay right back into our community,” Cook said. “I remember the year that our program went unfunded and I was out of work for nearly two years. I almost lost my house. This program needs to continue.”

Cook is living proof that it is possible to live where you want and still find work that you love. For her, the MPCP is a major part of that equation. That’s why it’s essential to gather support for House Bill 2542 (HB 2542) this legislative session, which will increase the incentive fund and extend the program’s sunset date, if passed.





Share this video of Rebecca Cook with your legislators to show them the impact film has on the local economy. Share Cook’s story from this post and explain how living and working in the industry depends on the MPCP. Use Cook’s story and the numbers she cites from Z Nation‘s production to discuss your own career and where you’ve seen money spent when working on set.

Most importantly, make your legislators understand why they they need to support HB 2542 in order to Keep Film in WA.

Don’t know who your elected officials are? Go here.