Local location scout and manager Dave Drummond has worked on several Washington incentive feature films, including Laggies, which was directed by Lynn Shelton and shot in and around Seattle this summer.  Locations can make or break a project and Washington has several amazing Location Scouts and Managers who can help you find and secure the perfect look for your next film, commercial or still shoot. Get a glimpse into Drummond’s work as a Location Manager on Laggies through the post below.
I recently wrapped on Lynn Shelton’s Laggies, another excellent and very location-intensive local film. Over the course of production on a movie, the Locations Department interacts with a huge amount of people. I did some number crunching based on our experience on Laggies, to give a sense of what the Locations Department does for an indie film being shot in Seattle. Here’s how it shook out. (Continued here …)
DaveHeadshot-1About Dave Drummond: Dave Drummond is freelance location scout and manager who has worked on a variety of film, television, commercial and multimedia projects. Raised in South Dakota, he has lived in Washington for over twenty years and loves discovering new ways to make the Northwest look great on screen. Dave’s recent work includes commercial spots for Samsung, Cabella’s and MSNBC, and he has been the location manager for a number of Seattle films, including Safety Not Guaranteed, Eden, You Can’t Win, Lucky Them, and Laggies. His website is www.drummondmedia.com.