Episodic series wraps production and two new projects approved for funding assistance.

Photo Credit: Dave Drummond

Los Angeles-based production company, Duplass Brothers Productions returned to Washington State to film eight episodes of the television series Penelope. Helmed by writer, director, producer Mel Eslyn, the episodic series stars Megan Stott (Little Fires Everywhere), and the production filmed 24 of its 36-day schedule in Arlington, Washington. The series tells the story of Penelope, a sixteen-year-old feeling out of place in a society that seems to be moving on without her, and she is drawn to the wilderness where she begins forming a new live for herself.

Washington Filmworks’s Board of Directors also approved two productions that will film in the Spokane area this fall and winter including the feature film Tim Travers and the Time Travelers Paradox and season two of the episodic series Going Home. Keep reading to learn a little more about these productions!

Tim Travers and the Time Travelers Paradox

Director – Stimson Snead

 Photo Credit: The Tim Travers Production Team

Synopsis: The film follows Tim Travers (played by Samuel Dunning), a reclusive scientist who builds a time machine for the purpose of nailing down the science of time travel, specifically by creating a paradox where he himself, shouldn’t be able to exist…and yet he does.

Interested in working on the production?

Email your resume to TimTraversTimeTraveler@gmail.com


Going Home, Season 2

Showrunner – Dan Merchant

Photo Credit: Daniel Schaefer

Synopsis: Starring Cynthia Geary (Northern Exposure), Going Home returns for season two and is the heartfelt show that follows an inspiring team of nurses who bring hope and healing to families and their loved ones before they go ‘home.”

Season one is available now on Sony Picture Entertainment’s streaming service Pure Flix.

Interested in working on the production?

Email your resume to Goinglocalproductions@gmail.com