LUCE COUSINEAU: A local hair & make-up artist tells her story

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Some people get the impression that filmmaking consists mostly of actors and a director – but it’s truly a team effort. Everyone does their part bringing a set and production to life, and film crucially opens up copious opportunities and jobs for local vendors, cast, and crew – just ask Luce Cousineau.

Rainier Beach-based Cousineau is a freelance hair and make-up artist for film, television, commercial, and corporate productions. Her life and the life of her family depend on her work in the statewide film industry, as it keeps her busy, employed, and happy. In 2014, Washington Filmworks had exhausted all its incentive dollars by May and Cousineau was forced to take a job in Portland, OR – keeping her away from both Washington State and her family. The more of an incentive we have, the more economic impact we create, and the more families we keep together in Washington.

Watch Luce Cousineau discuss the importance of keeping film in WA:

What You Can Do

Since both houses of the legislature will be involved with the final budget negotiation, now is the time to reach out to your Senator and Representatives. Send this video or your own personal story to your elected officials and ask them to support the bill to increase funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program and to make sure that the legislation is included in the final budget.

Thank you to Luce Cousineau for her time and years of service to the industry, and to WAfilmPAC for producing this video.


About Washington Filmworks: Washington Filmworks is the non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that manages the state film office and production incentive programs. Our mission is to create economic development opportunities by building and enhancing the competitiveness, profile and sustainability of Washington’s film industry. We do this by creating possibilities for local and national filmmakers and offering comprehensive production support as well as financial incentives.