mapping Innovation

As part of our new Innovation Cycle of the Filmworks Innovation Lab, applicants for funding assistance are required to provide a Concept Map with their Preliminary Information Forms. This map should be a visual representation, or diagram, illustrating the various delivery platforms of the story, in particular, where motion picture content is available.

This exercise is intended to give WF a visual of the multi-platform project being proposed, but also helps the applicant conceptualize and generate ideas, stimulate creativity, and show relationships between different platforms. Where does the motion picture content fit into the larger project, and how does delivering a story across multiple delivery platforms help to enrich and enhance the audience experience?

We’re enthusiastic to see the types of projects that the Innovation Cycle will attract. Because this is a pilot program, we have no idea what to expect from the community, but that is also really exciting! With this in mind, we’ve provided three Example Concept Maps to illustrate what a map might look like for a project that already exists. We’ve broken down several types of projects:

  • AMC’s The Walking Dead – more mainstream, cable
  • Lance Weiler’s Pandemic 1.0 – independent, experimental
  • The It Gets Better Project – community-based, addressing a social issue

Of course, an applicant’s map might look completely different than these examples, depending on the project.

If you plan to apply to the Innovation Cycle of the Filmworks Innovation Lab, take a look at the Example Concept Maps and feel free to reach out to staff with questions. This document will be a key part of your application.

You may download the examples as a separate document here, or find them in Addendum H of the Innovation Cycle guidelines and criteria. Preliminary Information is due to WF by 03/01/13.

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