Legislation to renew WF went into effect on June 7.  Since that time, we’ve been working hard to implement required and approved changes to our existing program.  As a result, we have revised the Guidelines and Criteria for our standard program. You can find an overview of the changes online.  Productions interested in funding assistance through WF’s standard incentive program will want to familiarize themselves with the new guidelines and criteria, which are now available on our website.

We continue to accept applications for funding assistance from productions filming in Washington that meet the following in-state spending threshholds:

  • $500,000 Motion Pictures
  • $300,000 Episodic Series (per espidode)
  • $150,000 Commercials

If you have a project that qualifies, please call (206) 264-0667 or go to our website to find out more.

**Please note, the current versions of WF application forms and the guidelines & criteria for our standard program are dated 07/30/12.