Last week, WF featured a post from local Location Manager Dave Drummond about the work of the Locations Department on the Washington incentive feature film Laggies. This week, hear from some of the state’s most seasoned location scouts and managers, as they talk to Media Inc. about their careers, their on-set experiences, and their favorite Northwest locations. Check out an excerpt below, and head over to Media Inc. for the full article.

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Location Manager Q & A

What do you think makes a good location manager or scout?
Location managing is mostly about people skills. Hearing what the production company wants to accomplish in terms of tone, look, and feel of the overall story. Finding the locations that are needed that fit into the schedule and communicating clearly with each property owner and the immediate community. Developing true and honest relationships is the key. You can’t cut corners here! You have to do your homework. If the shoot requires a last-minute location need, I will have a better chance to solve the issue because I did my homework and developed relationships in the immediate community. If you listen closely to people you meet, the information they offer can often solve issues because of the people they know. It’s not what you know… it’s who you know. – Craig Stewart