We had a fantastic showing at Film Day in Olympia last week – over 200 film professionals and supporters from around the state showed up to lobby their legislators in support of HB 2542! We were able to organize and execute over 100 meetings with legislators and got great feedback and insight from the attendees who took the meetings.

Following Film Day, on January 22, was the Hearing in front of the House Finance Committee, during which 9 members of the film community testified on behalf of HB 2542. We had total of 35 people sign in to support the bill that morning – an amazing show of support.

Thank you to all who participated, whether it was in-person in Olympia or digitally via social media and emails to legislators. Last week was a big week for our campaign and we made some great strides together.

Call To Action:

If one of your legislators is a member of the House Finance Committee (see list here), NOW is the time to contact them and ask that they take executive action to vote HB 2542 out of the House Finance Committee.

Here are some of our favorite photos from Film Day, thanks to our contributing photographers!

Photo by Sherrye Wyatt:


Photos by Jeff Lillard:


Photos by Kate Becker:


Photo by Donna James: