If you are not already aware, recent happenings over the weekend have led to an unprecedented situation with our state’s budget. This afternoon we had confirmation from our legislative team that SB 5539 is still in play due to the fact that the bill had previously been declared necessary to implement the budget (NTIB).  Olympia is currently realigning legislative priorities, however the renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program continues to be an important part of the conversation.  We are hopeful that SB 5539 will be scheduled for a hearing in the Ways & Means Committee of the House this week.

Thank you to the Washington film community for your diligence and tireless efforts.  We acknowledge that our calls to action may sound like a broken record at times.  Rest assured that your voices are being heard and your calls, emails and visits to Olympia ARE WORKING!

We humbly ask, once again, that you continue to contact your Representatives and Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp.  Ask Speaker Chopp to ensure that SB 5539 is brought to the floor for a vote and ask your Representatives for their support.

Find your legislators’ direct email and telephone information here.

We also encourage you to use the toll-free Legislative Hotline in Olympia (1-800-562-6000) or the IndieClub website (www.IndieClub.com/wasupport) to contact members of the House of Representatives.