On Friday February 3rd, Amy Lillard and Julie Daman of Washington Filmworks attended the Power of Play – The 5th Annual State-Of-The-State of the Interactive Media Industry event. We enjoyed the conversation at Power of Play and were reminded that the film community is an essential part of Washington’s larger creative ecosystem.

Washington Filmworks was struck by similarities between interactive media and the film industry. Like film, gaming is a hybrid of studio and independent productions. Like film, gaming relies on innovation to reach new audiences. And both industries face the challenge of balancing creativity and business. Those who make a living in film – actors, animators, production designers – are significant contributors to the success of the video game industry as well.

Congratulations to the Washington Interactive Network on organizing such a successful event. Incase you missed it, video from Power of Play is now online. The first 20 minutes addresses economic impact numbers for the Seattle region, followed by the executive panel.