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City of Snohomish – October 2014

Photo credit: City of Snohomish

Photo credit: City of Snohomish

Historic Snohomish is listed in both the state and national registers of historic places. Founded in 1859, Snohomish is known as the “Antique Capital of the Northwest” and is a treasure trove of historic buildings and homes. Bound by the Snohomish and Pilchuck Rivers, Snohomish has 37 acres of park land and 61 acres of Blackmans Lake. The gateway to the Centennial Trail, Snohomish follows abandoned rail lines north to Skagit County. Its farm valley has miles of country roads that wind through the lush and scenic farmlands. Harvey Field airport serves fixed wing and rotor-wing aircrafts and is home to world-class skydiving and hot air ballooning.

Snohomish Weather

Photo credit: Larry Bauman

Photo credit: Larry Bauman

Snohomish has temperate weather with dry warm summers and mild winters with light rain precipitation.

Average Temperature:

January – High 47.0 F, Low 34.0 F

July – High 76.0 F, Low 53.0 F


January Rainfall – 6.24 inches

July Rainfall – 1.33 inches



Projects Filmed in Snohomish

Photo credit: City of Snohomish

Photo credit: City of Snohomish


  • T-Mobile


  • You Can’t Win
  • 7 Minutes
  • Chase
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Past Midnight
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
  • Twice in a Lifetime
  • Bustin’ Loose


  • My Classic Car Show
  • The Fugitive
  • Northern Exposure

Key Locations of Interest

Photo credit: City of Snohomish

Photo credit: City of Snohomish

Key Locations of Interest
  • Bailey Farms
  • Blackman Lake
  • Centennial Trail
  • Craven Farm
  • G.A.R. Cemetery
  • Hagen Family Farm
  • Harvey Field
  • Historic Business District
  • Historic Homes District
  • Ironworks
  • Pioneer Village
  • Snohomish River Trail
  • Snohomish River Trestle
  • Stocker Farms
  • Thomas Family Farm

Distance to Closest Large Washington Airport

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 40 miles from Snohomish
  • Paine Field Snohomish County Airport is 15 miles from Snohomish

Distance to Closest Large Cities in Washington

  • Everett is 9 miles from Snohomish
  • Seattle is 30 miles from Snohomish

Relevant Contact Name and Information

  • Local Film Liaison – Debbie Emge, Economic Development Manager, City of Snohomish, ­(360) 282-3197, emge@snohomishwa.gov
  • Agency that issues permits and costs – Katie Hoole, Permit Coordinator, City of Snohomish, (360) 282-3156, hoole@snohomishwa.gov, there is no cost to film, but you may need a Right of Way Permit.
  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control –  City of Snohomish Police, (360) 568-0888


Photo credit: Harvey Field

Photo credit: Harvey Field

A list of accommodations are available online at: http://snohomishwa.gov/321/Places-to-Stay


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