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Washington Filmworks
Announces Funding Assistance Recipients
For March 2016 Cycle of Innovation Lab


Seattle, WA – March 24, 2016 – Washington Filmworks is pleased to announce the recipients of funding assistance for the fifth cycle of the Filmworks Innovation Lab. The program, which is part of a long-term economic development strategy, invests in the future of film by capitalizing on Washington’s creative community while encouraging original storytelling that uses new forms of production and technology.

Following a pitch session, in which finalists presented new business and revenue models that leverage Washington’s film infrastructure in the digital era, the jury made their official recommendations and the Board has approved their decisions. Washington Filmworks is pleased to announce that funds have been allocated to two exceptional projects.

“In its fifth cycle, the Innovation Lab has become a well-defined funding program that incubates some of the most creative and ground-breaking projects in our area” said Washington Filmworks’ Executive Director Amy Lillard. “We’re thrilled to see what our local talent can produce and we’re proud to help build and encourage the future of film in Washington State.”

You can find information about the approved projects below, including: project titles, websites, the leadership behind each project, synopses, and jury statements.

Polæ – Steven Schardt (Creator/Producer)
Project Website:

Synopsis: Polæ (pronounced POLLY: like polymer, polymorphism)
Polæ is a company that has revolutionized materials science since 2022. In this future history of the company and its founder, technologies derived from a breakthrough in particle physics in 2018 have far-reaching consequences for computing, manufacturing, virtuality, and communications. Spanning a period of 40 years, a series of connected micro-narratives identifies the human impact of technologies possible, hypothetical or inevitable.

Jury Statement: Polæ is a sci-fi virtual reality project set in the near future that unveils lessons audiences have not yet learned through narrative story or cinematic experience. With a long, rich history of working within traditional narrative models, Steven Schardt serves as the architect of the complex world that Polæ represents. In this truly innovative, cutting-edge project, Schardt embraces disruptive technologies that will drive the conceptual language of new-media storytelling. There is no doubt that Schardt’s vision and passion for this project will have a transformative effect, not only on the local creative community but on the global conversation about the future of VR.”

Tabitha, Witch of the Order – James Dailey (Producer) and Arthur Rains-McNally (Writer)
Project Website:

Synopsis: Tabitha, Witch of the Order is an urban fantasy series from Fractured Feature Films. Set in modern-day Seattle, a rookie witch teams up with a grizzled priest to solve magical crimes. The pilot episode of this “cop show with witches” follows Tabitha on her first big assignment: lead investigator on a who-done-it, multiple magical homicide. As Tabitha stumbles her way through the case, she discovers a clue to the truth behind magic’s reemergence.

Jury Statement: Tabitha, Witch of the Order is a whimsical narrative project that promises to enchant genre fan-bases across multiple platforms. The production team behind the project has a command of vision that translates not only a strong sense of story and craft, but a deep commitment to gender and racial diversity among leaders on set and the colorful and entertaining cast of characters. A story in which Tabitha (our witch-cop protagonist) shatters barriers in a daunting, pluralistic society, this heroine and series pilot will delight audiences with its magic, comedic story lines and character arcs that expand beautifully to the transmedia world.”

About Washington Filmworks: Washington Filmworks is the non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that manages the state film office and production incentive programs. Our mission is to create economic development opportunities by building and enhancing the competitiveness, profile and sustainability of Washington’s film industry. We do this by creating possibilities for local and national filmmakers and offering comprehensive production support as well as financial incentives.