Senator Wellman joins Representative Marcus Riccelli

to champion bills to increase funding for the

Motion Picture Competitiveness Program

We are pleased to announce that bills have been introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives to increase funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program to $20 million annually. Senate Bill 5760 (SB 5760) is prime sponsored by Senator Lisa Wellman (D, 41st LD) and House Bill 1914 (HB 1914) is prime sponsored by Representative Marcus Riccelli (D, 3rd LD.) The bills mirror each other and will be referred to committees in the Senate and House of Representatives. Washington Filmworks will be working with leadership in both chambers to schedule hearings. Representative Shelly Short (R, 7th LD) has also introduced Senate Bill (SB 5640) which increases the fund to $25 million annually and allocates $6.5 million of that money to filming in rural jurisdictions.

“Film – major motion pictures, episodic streaming shows, independent and studio productions – are experiencing a surge. Content is definitely king. Washington has cast and crew talent and extraordinary technology support. If we want to support and grow our creative economy, we must compete and offer financial incentives. This bill makes Washington a player and will bring projects and their funds to communities across the state,” said Senator Lisa Wellman.

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