You may have heard our exciting announcement a few weeks ago—that Washington Filmworks is the first production incentive in the country to reserve its funding exclusively for ‘local’ projects creatively driven by Washington residents. Now, we’re pleased to announce that the Board of Directors approved funding assistance for 3 feature films—and each of them will be powered by Washington State residents—from producers, directors and screenwriters, to cast and crew!

And, there’s more great news—after this initial round of applications, there’s still funding available for locally-driven creative projects that will be produced in Washington State. Washington Filmworks will now consider fully funded projects on an ongoing basis and will keep the application window open until the 2019 fund is exhausted. To learn more about the specific eligibility requirements, please see the full Guidelines & Criteria here. Want the cheat sheet? Check out the filmmaker fact sheet on the new program here.

Interested in working on one of these approved productions? Email your inquiry and resume to each production via the email provided below for each project.

Please read on to find out more about the first three approved productions for Local Lens.

Blue Waters

Story: After her parents die suddenly, attorney Blue Waters becomes the target of an assassin when an old family secret is uncovered. She finds herself in an unintended romantic fling with a detective as they try to expose a murderous cover-up that jeopardizes her life and the lives of her friends.

Building on the success of their first film The Purple Rose which was acquired by LMN and Lifetime for domestic cable networks and foreign distribution, the Blue Waters production team is debuting the second film in the 4-part Chroma book series written by Washington writer Christi Walsh. The book was adapted for the screen by Washington resident Sydney Ortman, and will be produced by Spokane based Marc Dahlstrom.

Crew Inquiries:

East of the Mountains

Story: When retired heart surgeon Ben Givens (played by Washington’s own Tom Skerritt) learns that he has terminal cancer, he travels back to Eastern Washington where he spent his early life. Ben’s journey takes unexpected turns.

East of the Mountains, directed by SJ Chiro and produced by Jane Charles, is based on the best-selling novel by local Washington author, David Guterson. From development through post production, every facet of this production will be made in Washington State, capitalizing on the diversity of iconic locations in cities such as Wenatchee, Ellensburg and Vantage.

Crew Inquiries:

Your Lucky Day

Story: When an elderly man wins $156 million lottery jackpot in a convenience store, a desperate young patron decides to take the ticket by force. The store owner and a pregnant couple are caught in the crossfire begging the question, “Will anyone make it out alive?”

Written and directed by Washington-based commercial and music video director Daniel Brown, Your Lucky Day is a feature film based on his successful short film of the same name filmed in Seattle in 2009.

Produced by Jonathan Caso and Lacey Leavitt, this project is one that could only come from Washington State’s bold and inventive creative community. While immediately accessible to global audiences, the feature film has a thematic core that will make moviegoers confront their own perspectives on and relationships to wealth, money, right, wrong, and each other.

Crew Inquiries:

To find out more about Local Lens and how to apply for funding, please see the guidelines and criteria on our website.