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The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Urges Expansion of Film Incentive Program

Yesterday, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce announced its support of our legislative efforts to increase funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP). The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most diverse business association in the Puget Sound region. The organization was founded in 1882 by local business owners and today is an independent organization representing 2,200 companies and a workforce of approximately 700,000.

In a letter that was sent to Seattle area elected officials, the Chamber notes that that the incentive program helps train individuals in lucrative and marketable fields, which breeds skilled workers and makes the state more attractive to new employers in the film industry. Additionally, the Chamber writes that the production incentive program is crucial to building a robust creative economy as well as investing in the Puget Sound region’s growth and success.

The letter also stresses how the city’s innovative economy depends on the ability to attract and retain talented professionals across all industries – including that of local film production, which has strong and creative relationships with Washington’s largest corporations including Amazon, Alaska Airlines, Microsoft, and REI. The Chamber concludes its letter by saying the film and production industry incentivizes, expands, and fosters Seattle as a vibrant and growing city.

We thank the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce for their endorsement.