Today ‘The Spokesman-Review’ published an editorial supporting renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.  From job creation, to production services, to economic development, the piece lays out a strong argument for the continuation of Washington’s film incentive.  Read it in its entirety online – Editorial:  Filmmaking tax credit deserves another run.

Washington Filmwoks was called to Olympia this morning to testify in the House Committee on Community & Economic Development & Housing.  We will continue to update you as we know more.  Since movement on SB 5539 is happening so quickly, it is urgent that you contact your Representatives in support of the program.

You will find a Sample Letter of Support here.  Use it for talking points in your own letters, or when you call your Representatives.  The letter contains jobs and economic data, but testimonials about the programs’s impacts on your livelihood are important.

Find contact information for your Representatives here.

Thank you for all your hard work and energy.  Keep up the momentum.  Your calls and letters are being heard.