Tune in for reflections on 2021 and a look forward to 2022, including more information about how you can be involved with the 2022 Keep Film in WA campaign.

Join us TOMORROW at 6:00 pm for Washington Filmworks’ fun and festive (Virtual) Annual Industry Update. Hosted by Spokane based Tomás Guzmán, the event will include more information on our bill in Olympia, surprise special guests AND Production Pursuit – a trivia game where film industry professionals use their industry know-how to ‘stump’ their friends and colleagues.
Mixologist and winemaker Robert Gomez also returns this year with another signature cocktail he calls “Piedmontinez.” You can find all the ingredients to stock the bar here.
Here are all the event details:
When: Tuesday, December 14 at 6:00 pm
Tune In to the event HERE
Please join the fun tomorrow at 6:00 pm!
Also, if you haven’t already, sign the 2022 Keep Film in WA Petition encouraging elected officials to increase funding for the MPCP.