MakerHaus is set to open early next year in Fremont, and will be one of the first businesses of its kind to come to Seattle. Part fabrication shop, part classroom, the organization is intended as a place for craftsmen, designers, fabricators, and other creators to work, learn, network, and build community. MakerHaus will have an array of materials, tools, and resources for members, from a wood working shop, to a 3D printer, to a materials library. The organization offers various courses in wood, metal, 2D and 3D design, and supplements those educational opportunities with professional development to boot.

Artists and artisans in the film industry will now have a potential new resource at their fingertips. All kinds of designers could tap into the materials and opportunities a place like MakerHaus offers. Creatives might work on their own projects, or explore new trades and techniques. Community resources like MakerHaus are helping to pave the way for more innovative and interconnected local creative industries. Imagine the potential… from specialized tools of the trade, to out of this world one of a kind props. The film community should certainly take advantage, but only time will tell what is possible.

How could you utilize the resources at MakerHaus

For more information, the latest news, or to reserve your spot as a member, visit the MakerHaus website or Facebook page.