No matter which team you’re rooting for in Super Bowl XLVIII (Go Seahawks!), be sure to check out this Internet spot from Proctor & Gamble Company’s Duracell Batteries, which shot in the Emerald City in December. The 60-second online video features Seattle fullback Derrick Coleman, who is legally deaf and uses hearing aids, in part allowing him to hear Seattle’s notoriously loud 12th Man fan base.

The online ad, which is part of Duracell’s Trust Your Power campaign, is getting global attention. To date the viral spot has been viewed more than 13 million times and serves as a fantastic example of the quality commercial work being made in Seattle. This incredible ad employed local crew members and was made possible by the City of Seattle’s Office of Film + Music.

According to NBC Sports, Coleman is the only current NFL player who wears hearing aids. The story of his journey to the NFL is inspiring to others with hearing-impairments. On the heels of the attention the commercial is getting, open letters from young fans have become sensations of their own on Twitter, moving Coleman to write back and even invite some to the Super Bowl.

The spot is a testament to the potential of efforts like Commercialize Seattle, which showcase the region as a destination for advertising. OFM worked closely with the Seahawks, the featured locations, and the production company to complete production quickly. “I am proud of our community and office for being able to make a production like this possible with such little time and over the holidays, but the fact that it’s such a great story makes it all the better,” said Office of Film + Music Director James Keblas.