PrintThe experience of watching television continues to evolve and it appears that audiences are increasingly engaging with programming online via Twitter. Nielsen and Co. has developed the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, a new metric to measure and analyze audience engagement. In 2012 a Nielsen study revealed that about 85% of Americans watch primetime TV while using tablet or smartphone. Forbes proposes it’s mutually beneficial, as a way to better value the Twitter IPO and simultaneously make TV more relevant. The trend seems to be re-inventing “event TV” through live tweeting.

Audience engagement is not just limited to 140 characters; CBS recently partnered with Twitter to sell sponsored video-based tweets through the Twitter Amplify program. Twitter is not stopping there in their efforts to win more partnerships in Tinseltown. The company hired Jennifer Prince, Google’s former head of media and entertainment ad sales, to develop and pitch new ways movie and TV marketers can use the social giant’s platform.

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