Our legislative team has reiterated how vital it is that supporters of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program continue to file “letters of opinion” in support of 2ESSB 5539. 

As of this afternoon we are still waiting for Governor Gregoire to sign 2ESSB 5539, the bill that renews the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, into law.  We have confirmation that her office has received the bill.  Legislators remain in special session and many bills that require action from the Governor’s Office are pending.

Our legislative team is still in Olympia, putting pressure on the Governor to sign the bill prior to the March 31st midnight deadline.  As many media headlines have indicated, the House and Senate remain in the middle of difficult budget negotiations.  This has delayed the Governor’s signature on many pieces of legislation.

If you have already written, please write again and help spread the word.  Do not delay.

To contact the Governor’s office, please use the following link to send an e-message:
The online contact form will ask you “What is the subject of your message?”  Please select “Legislation” and include the name of the film bill, 2ESSB 5539, in your message.  Instructions on reaching the Governor’s office by telephone and mail are also provided in the link.